We are a deep tech seed fund

The i4 Capital Fund is a $40+ million venture capital fund dedicated to innovative companies in the seed phase that are developing disruptive technologies. As a lead investor, we take a proactive approach that leverages our entrepreneurial spirit, technical expertise, governance and fund management experience. We are the ideal choice for companies looking for a strategic partner, and not just capital. We establish close collaborations with our entrepreneurs to achieve shared success. We benefit from an extensive business network that includes entrepreneurs, investors, business professionals, incubators, accelerators, universities, research centers and other key players in the ecosystem.

Mission: Building a prosperous and responsible future

As an entrepreneurs-for-entrepreneurs fund, i4 Capital’s mission is to create several international growth success stories, and to ensure its sustainability by attracting new talents, while providing high returns to our investors.

Our values

The 4 i's of i4 Capital


Our business relationships are based on honesty, transparency, and fairness. We only partner with people who share these values.


We value an inclusive and collaborative work environment that fosters free thinking and the emergence of transformative and non-conformist ideas.


We aim to propel transformational startups to success so that they have a profound and lasting impact on society.


We believe that imagination is a powerful driver of change and a creator of opportunity.

Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing
Information technology
Advanced technologies

Investment sectors

For us, deep tech is not an investment sector in itself, but rather a characteristic of the company. Deep technologies are complex, patentable, R&D-based technologies whose innovation has the potential to transform industries and economic sectors.

The Fund will invest in the following areas:

Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing

+ -

Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, i.e. automation, robotization, digitization, smart sensors and other technologies that transform the industrial sector.

Information technology

+ -

Information technology, whether it targets artificial intelligence, advanced computing, cybersecurity, IoT or telecommunications.

Advanced technologies

+ -

Advanced technologies such as advanced materials, photonics, microelectronics or quantum technologies.


+ -

Clean technologies that target renewable energy generation, waste reduction and processing, recycling, pollution remediation, reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas, and Agtech.

Investment criteria

Exceptional teams

Exceptional teams led by promising and passionate entrepreneurs.

A competitive advantage

Companies with an unfair competitive advantage, with high barriers to entry, and supported by an exceptional innovation and intellectual property strategy.

Trust-based relationships

We seek relationships built on trust, affinity, and shared values with entrepreneurs.

Headline markets

Significant target markets ( > $1B ) that are high-growth, international in scope, ripe for change and receptive.

Companies with big goals

Companies with big goals, challenging the status quo, and having exceptional exit potential.









Investors and Partners

The i4 Capital Fund is proud to count on the support of many
investors and partners who made it possible to set up the Fund



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The best introductions often come from people who are in our shared professional networks. We therefore encourage you to seek referral to one of the members of the i4 Capital team. It is always more efficient that way.

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